Maidene Morris-Dixon Story

Maidene Morris-Dixon is the epitome of Canada’s fashion-forward sustainability movement. Recognized as Canada’s Most Stylish Thrifter of 2024 by none other than Canada’s Fashion Magazine, Maidene embodies an unapologetic passion for sustainable fashion that not only turns heads but also sets a precedent for conscious style. As the visionary founder of Curated Style, Maidene seamlessly merges her roles as a Personal Stylist, Interior Decorator, and Wardrobe Designer, crafting bespoke experiences for her clientele. In addition to styling clients for exclusive events, Maidene offers customized shopping services and wardrobe consultations. In her capacity as an Interior Decorator, Maidene collaborates with Daniels, one of Canada’s foremost home builders, lending her discerning eye to shape spaces into havens of elegance and comfort. Her portfolio extends beyond, as she meticulously curates interiors for her own esteemed clientele. She leaves an indelible mark on the silver screen as a Wardrobe Designer. From short films to a CBC Gem series and even music videos, Maidene’s fashion expertise transforms actors into veritable style icons, effortlessly blending character with couture. Maidene’s impact reaches far beyond the realm of fashion and design. A staunch advocate for women and young girls, she tirelessly works towards dismantling barriers to body positivity and dressing for success. Her advocacy extends to promoting equality in fashion, envisioning a world where beauty knows no bounds and judgment holds no power.

   Please share your early life and influences that shaped your career decisions?

My mother is a polished seamstress and made beautiful dresses for us. We all had one-of-a-kind outfits.  Now reflecting back, that’s where my love for being unique came from. There were 5 of us (my dad was the sole breadwinner at the time) so my mom  shopped at K-Mart for our day to day and school clothing. She still had a way of making our Kmart clothing look good. Thrifting is much the same for me.

 What does the term sustainability in fashion mean to you and how can fashion Consumers be more conscious in our buying decisions?

Sustainability in fashion, I think of consumption and waste. The things I practice are Thrifting, renting, swapping and sharing clothing. Upcycling and Recycling garments is also something I am exploring more of these days.  Both of these elements allow us to be creative and write our own narrative on what fashion looks like for us as individuals.  Fashion consumers can be more conscious in our buying decisions by adopting practices buying timeless (good quality) pieces. Buying second hand and vintage clothing (giving new life to old items). Sharing items they no longer want with others instead of throwing them away. Donate to shelters, trade with friends, donate to thrift. I know Thrifting and buying vintage is a small part of a larger concern but I think if we all do a little, we will get closer to having a sustainable fashion industry. Depending on our reach (power we hold, spaces we are in). Everyone can do something, adopt new buying practices,  support, advocate… Take some kind of action… buy green, advocate for Ethical labor.

 What inspires your artistry?

Being able to curate a look that speaks to an individual’s personality, boost their confidence, inspire them to go into a space and do whatever it is that they seek to accomplish. I really believe looking good has much to do with how we feel about ourselves.

 What does beauty mean to you?

When I think of beauty, it touches all 5 senses. Beauty is feeling the warmth of your surroundings. Beauty is feeling love, peace and joy. Beauty is appreciating nature (seeing it, walking in the sand or climbing a hill. Beauty is listening to music you love. Beauty is sharing a laugh or hearing the sweet laughter of a child.

Please share your biggest challenges in the fashion industry and how you have navigated them?

I faced two challenges when deciding to start my business. The first was getting the thought out of my head that I was too old to start this journey. The second was figuring out what exactly I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a stylist, (fashion & interiors) but what did that look like for me and how was I going to get there. I navigated the first challenge with the help of my family. My daughter especially said mom, you can do this.. and I wanted to do it for me and for my children. Do something I love and  passionate about. I then just gave it my all. I took an entrepreneurial course with the Black Canadian Chamber of commerce. I took some interior decorating courses and obtained a staging certificate from Sheridan College. I then sought mentors, asked questions, and worked for free at first. With the help of my mentors, things I didn’t even consider opened more possibilities. It was as a result of my mentor Zola Jeffers that I ventured into film and tv. I am continually evolving  and exploring. If it’s not something that I’ve done and it feels uncomfortable, I’m pursuing it. I embrace each new opportunity with faith that if it’s inviting me in, it’s something I need to do. As a result of the FASHION magazine exposure I’m currently looking into modeling. Something that I have not given any thought since I was a teen. I honestly have been blessed. I have not experienced any type of gatekeeping. It was women that spoke into my life, saw who I would become before I even did. It was women that mentored me and when they said they would bring me onboard, they stayed true to their word. It was women that supported my business, paid me for my gifts and talents. It was women that shared my name with others to bring me into new spaces. It’s women that are now celebrating each success along my journey, supporting and encouraging me to keep going.

 What are your proudest moments and what have they taught you about yourself?

Getting remarried at 53, not giving up on love navigating divorce and building amazing relationships with my ex and his wife. Raising two kind, loving human beings. Going back to school and starting my business during covid. Realizing my purpose and waiting on God to fulfill His promises in my life. Securing my first lead role as a wardrobe stylist. These have taught me that I continue to build great relationships wherever I go, I am resilient, I am patient, I am kind, I am loving, I am talented, I am BLESSED.

      How do you address body image through your work?

I ensure that I respect and pay attention to each person and their relationship with their bodies. When I am dressing individuals, let say for film, I ensure that the producer’s vision is realized while aligning it with the actors comfort level.


What advice do you have for women venturing in the fashion space?

Find your tribe. Reach out to people in the industry that you admire and respect and can trust. Be open to learn, be respectful, work hard, be authentic. Don’t be afraid to volunteer/work for free at first. Pay attention to the fashion industry, the scene, landscape… but don’t be so focused on what everyone else is doing that you measure your success by others. Define what success looks like to you and measure yourself against it. Always remember to give yourself grace.

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