Video Submission

Thank you for sharing your story! Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can share your video with us.

Here’s what we want you to do:

  • Step 1 Turn on your video camera! Press the record button.
  • Step 2. Record a video message…
  • Step 3 Upload your video to YouTube

Here’s what we want you to do:

(You are also welcome to upload it to other video sharing sites.)
  • Add a TITLE to your video:
    • Start with “Her Story Matters” and then your name title.
    • Your first statement should be –
    • “Share your story at”.
    • Then, include your full description to help others search for your video.
  • Add the Keyword Tag “Her Story Matters” to your video
  • Add additional TAGS (Keywords): Include Quotes (“”) around all or some of the following TAGS that matter to you:
    • “Overcoming Indifference”
    • “Become a Voice”
    • “Promoting Equality”
    • “Improving Cultural and Gender Indifference”
    • “Women Stories”
    • “Successful Women”
    • “Rising above Indifference”
    • “Overcoming Challenges”
    • “MultiCultural Women”
    • “Women in Tribes”
    • “Poverty in Communities”
    • “Impoverished Women”
    • “Lifelong Challenges”
    • “Racial Indifference”
    • “Racial Classes”
    • “Gender Indifference”
    • “Gender Oppression”
    • “Accepted Abuses”
    • “Female Genitalia Mutilation”
    • “Genital Manipulation”
    • “Forced Marriage”
    • “Forced Rape”
    • “Gender Division”
    • “Gender Oppression”
    • “Mental Disorders”
    • “Women Depression”
    • “Widows”

Or add a Tag that that best suits your story.