Lenka Lutonska

Lenka is a fire-filled, tactically-trained business strategist and mindset maven, an NLP certified master coach and trainer amongst other amazing things, but most importantly she is a mum to 3 boys and a wife to a wonderful husband.

Lenka inspires thousands of people and has great ethics and integrity in business. She helps thousands achieve financial freedom. We got to learn a lot more about her journey in this interview.

What was it like growing up for you

I originally come from Slovakia. My sister died of Meningitis when I was 2 years old and this influenced my parents dramatically. It was that day, in my Dad’s words, “when he forsake God”. Since that day, he became very bitter and channeled all hope for his children into me. Meaning, his expectations of me were very high. At school we were learning how to read “Mama” and “Emma”, I’d be required to read magazine articles at home with zero mistakes. I was often beaten up with a leather belt when I made mistakes or got marked at school with anything less than ‘outstanding.’ As such, I became a very determined child with not only desire but NEED to excel. At the same time, this strict upbringing had a profound effect on my confidence. By the time I was a teenager, I was bulimic with suicidal thoughts. While these were certainly dark times, at the same time it gave birth to my desire to ‘change the world’ and help many other people – because I wanted to help myself.

At around the same time, a local priest gave me an opportunity to mentor a group of troubled kids (well, more troubled than me :). I’d meet with them weekly and facilitated group sessions where I would encourage self-betterment through metaphors, stories, self-expression, and art. It was my first experience as a coach! It gave me a taste of how incredibly rewarding working with people and coaching can be.

Are women empowered in your society?

Generally speaking, empowered is probably a strong word. We are certainly not oppressed either. I would say each and every woman has the opportunity to empower herself.

You came to UK at 19 years what was that like for you?

At school during English lessons we learned about London and how it’s a cosmopolitan city where dreams come true. Well, that was enough for me. When I finished college and was due to start University, I run away with £30 in my pocket and came to London. The beginnings were hard, of course. I got myself a job in McDonald’s as a cleaner and lived in places charging the lowest possible rent. Sometimes it meant sleeping in a room full of mold.
I stuck with it though and worked for McDonald’s for 6 years (becoming an award-winning business manager managing 100s of people and millions of turnover), bought my first house, and in the meantime, I learned what I could about the human mind. I studied psychotherapy, counseling and hypnotherapy, and eventually, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP truly grabbed my heart and I KNEW from the get-go this would be my way to fulfill my dream. I trained to the highest level (as Master NLP Coach and accredited Trainer) and in 2007 I left my job and started to deliver accreditation NLP courses all over the UK.

This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

What step did you take towards your bigger dreams?

I have always been willing to give up comfort for something that is huge and meaningful (and a hugely successful business that changes many lives certainly is) – and bet on myself.


To get trained as an accredited NLP trainer and started my business. I left a very secure job (I was considered a ‘high-flier’ with huge potential in the company), sold my house and my car to fund the training and business startup.
I believe in my dreams no matter what and using every set-back as a springboard to greater growth and success.

What was your greatest setback?

My greatest setback happened around 6 years into my entrepreneurial life. I made one gigantic mistake and it cost me an entire business and my livelihood with it. My confidence suffered a lot, and as such it took me over two to rebuild my business and breathe financially again. Those two years were very hard for me, because I felt like I was working ‘so hard and I still could not work out how to run a successful business again’, questioning my self-worth etc, but also for my family (I had two boys by that point). We were living off my husband’s modest salary, which often meant an inability to pay bills on time, and frequent worries about what’s next.

In spite of that, I remained strong in my faith, continued working on myself continued and taking leaps of faith.

My business would never be what it is today without those 2 hard years. It allowed me to connect with my spiritual nature fully and grow a business from a place of love rather than fear.

That experience changed everything for me and caused extraordinary growth in my business. That’s what I teach my clients and therefore I am blessed to witness ‘miracles’ and quantum leaps they create in their lives and businesses on daily bases.

I’ve learned that business growth is not linear. It’s emotional journey. It’s a spiritual journey. And every woman who is willing to take it is rewarded tremendously.

How do you select who to work with?

I work with clients who desire to make an extraordinary impact in the world, and their lives with it. Many of my clients grew their businesses to multiple six figures and beyond very quickly. This can, however, only happen if they are willing to be challenged, willing to take risks, willing to take full responsibility and make things happen, rather than waiting for things to happen. These are some of the things I am looking for when holding client interviews.
when am looking for a coach I look for someone who is able to hold my big vision, if they are experts in their field, Whether they will be able to challenge me and push me and if they have integrity and can be honest with me. These are some of the ethos I practice as a great coach and I am looking for the same.

You are a very ambitious woman what drives you?

Making a difference. The way I see it the more my business grows, the more difference I am making in the world. Woman by woman, group by group.

Some women struggle with running a household and running businesses what advice can you give that has helped you in your journey?

This may sound very controversial but I would suggest learning to be a bit more selfish. Put YOUR needs before your partner’s needs and yes even before your children’s’ needs. Why? Because when we women are willing to look after ourselves first, fill our own cup, then EVERYONE around us benefits. I had to learn this too and without it I know for sure I would not be able to run a successful business and have a happy family at the same time. I learned to ask for help left, right and center. I learned to say no when I meant no, instead of saying “yes” because other people expect me to. Also, I learned to do things before I feel ready.

What 2 things can you suggest to someone struggling with finances to implement that might change their circumstances?

1. Go out there and sell. Every day. Prospect and follow up. No matter how uncomfortable, no matter how scary. The surest way to overcome financial struggles is to make money. But it doesn’t happen without selling!

2. Acknowledge that your financial circumstances do not matter. How you feel about your financial circumstances matters. Circumstances do NOT create circumstances. It’s our state of being that does that.

How do you spend your free time?

Family first of course. I love spending quality time with my 3 boys and husband. I also love great conversations with friends, time with myself and a good book.

What 3 things would you advice anyone who wants to start a business similar to yours?

1. Believe in your dreams more than in the BS your mind wants to feed you with.

2. ACT upon your intuition. Your intuition is uncovering the path to your greatness at all times. So walk it! Act upon your intuition, even if your ego says that it’s too early, too irresponsible, too risky, too whatever.

3. Work on yourself every single day. One thing I learned is that our businesses can grow only as much as we allow ourselves to grow – as women, entrepreneurs, and conscious creators.

What principles do you live by?

I’m doing my best to act from the place of love rather than fear. Sometimes I get it wrong. And sometimes I get it right. I am still learning this as I believe it’s the most important thing – and the key to incredible happiness, wealth, health and success.

I’m also doing my best, to be honest with others at all times. It’s sometimes hard to be truthful, but it is always meaningful. I believe that honesty is one of the best coaching, sales and business building tool on the planet.

What’s next for you Lenka?

Making more difference in the world. 🙂 woman by woman, group by group, day by day. 🙂

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