Slavery still happening all around us.

On a warm sunny day, (days like this, I think every woman ventures into the shops) I went to Oxford street shopping. While in the queue of one of my favourite flagship stores I noticed in front of me this pretty woman (let’s call her Miss X), well dressed with 2 shopping trolleys full to the brim with goods. She was very chatty and smiled a lot. In front of the 2 trolleys was this beautiful Pilipino woman with very delicate features and very petite she didn’t look more than 18 years of age. She was very quiet and didn’t smile even one bit which was very odd as everyone around us was happy – I suppose it’s the sun coming out… we never see much of it anyways.

The queue moved and it was soon Miss X‘s turn. The Pilipino woman stated off-loading the clothes from the trolley onto the counter and as she was doing this some of the clothes fell on the floor. She appeared to panic and as she was bending frantically trying to pick them up Miss X pulled her back and slapped her across the face a few times! Everyone was really shocked the cashiers, the rest of the customers that witnessed it – it was mind blowing.

The beautiful Pilipino continued picking the clothes and apologizing profusely to Miss X and the cashier – who tried to reassure her that it was OK and not to worry about it.

When it came to my turn, I had to ask the cashier if this was something common – if it happened a lot, as no one seemed to want to say anything or do anything about what happened. Her response shocked me even more – she said they are used to some customers treating their *helps* which in actual facts is their slaves that way.

The sad thing is these women think that by coming to England – promised work – they have a shot at getting a better life and helping their families but in truth they get mistreated, never to see their families’ again and even worse still – never enjoying the freedom they once had.

It is time for us to wake up as the statistics increase and bodies of unidentified individuals mostly women used as sex workers or helps rise its only humane to highlight this situation in whichever way we can big or small we all have to unite as one voice to bring change.