Harriet Khataba

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Harriet Khataba , Founder of Her Story Matters was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa where I recognized the hardships of an alternative culture from western influences as a child. Raised in a large family of six children with separated parents, this guided me into a life navigated by a need to raise the awareness of youth and women. My passion is to aid, influence understanding and to advance awareness of misconceptions which lead to personal suffering over indifference and inequality of women in all cultures, which is not only happening in third world countries by the way. Following my gut, I grew a career into a global public interest initiative to manifest the betterment and achievement of all women and young girls who have suffered injustices around the world without a voice of their own. I’m dedicated to speaking for the unheard; this has become interwoven with my path in media, pubic speaking and mentoring. I never saw this work in my future, I unintentionally became a voice by witnessing first-hand the crimes against women, later seeking to tell the stories for all women. I learned first-hand when I came to London as an immigrant to pursue a passion of being a leader and owning my own business. I earned a degree in Hospitality and Business Management. The challenges of being in a foreign country did not deter me from pursuing my aspirations of having my own business despite the odds. I built a managerial career in Financial Services working with Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and eventually in Media. I found a niche in media where I produced a series of video productions which eventually led to running video interviews as a medium to share the personal stories of HSM women.