Mindset: Identifying Programs that Block Success

In the previous publication, we discussed how our Minds are an untapped genius and the process of A.C.T. Assessing, Creating and Taking Action.

The whole process is critical, once we have assessed and created a plan to take action on our goals and dreams, there is one extremely important detail that needs to be discussed, “Programs”.

Programs are a set of belief systems, good and not so good, that form who we are, how we think and what runs in the background of our actions. Programs are directly linked to our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind and cannot tell the difference between a real or synthetic thought. It accepts everything as truth.  What happens in the early stages of life is that programs are being developed and stacked on top of one another to form the vast ocean of our minds.  Programs can come from parents, relatives, our overall upbringing, television, social media, smartphones, you name it.  Anything that has an influence on us, from the outside world, has the potential to download things into our subconscious and produce programs totally unaware to us.

From birth to the time we reach the age of 19, Neuroscientists have suggested that approximately 95% of who we have already been formed.  After the age of 19, we literally live recycled experiences and operate on repetition and don’t even know it.  After 19, we can certainly have some new experiences where our reactions aren’t based on past programs but its’ very minimal.

Allow us to paint this scenario for you.  When you were a child, you loved playing the game of basketball. Every opportunity that you got, you were shooting hoops.  Your mom and dad pushed you to love the sport and you were excited to please their wishes.  Eventually you made the team and it was mostly an awesome experience, except for the fact that your team never won a game. As a matter of fact, the teams that you played on during your youth had the unfortunate experience of never winning a game.  You had the opportunity to score several baskets but you never could drop those points like you wanted.  After each game, your parents would tell you that they were proud of you but emphasized the fact that the team lacked the talent to win and how you needed to focus just a bit more.  While your parents meant well, the potential is there for a program to exist.

Fast forward to your young adult life, you graduated from college and landed a fantastic job.  You have been in your dream job for years and feel that it’s time for you to seek a promotion.

You decide to wait for that position to be posted and when it does, you are ready to execute your plan.  All of a sudden you get this awkward, familiar feeling that comes over you.  Your temperament of excitement has now changed and you feel you are not good enough.  So your mind begins to wonder, “What if they just disregard my application?  What if they think I’m not good enough for the job? What if they laugh at me even wanting this position?  What if I fail?  The loop of what if, what if, what if begins to clog your once free optimistic thinking and cause a bit of stress to arise.


So this scenario presents the question, what the heck just happened? Let’s take a look.  There is a program/programs running in your subconscious mind that you have no idea exist.  The PROGRAMS of “I’m a failure and/or I’m not good enough” are playing in the background like an old cassette tape or CD.  This is hindering the confidence that you need to move forward.

Your feeling came from your autonomic nervous system which releases the exact same feeling that it did when you came home after each game and listened to your parents, the feeling of failure!  The autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, and pupillary response just to name a few. This system controls the beating of our heart, the blinking of our eyes, the blood pumping in our veins and also our physiological responses.  We venture to say that 98% of the world population has no idea that they are literally being controlled by programs that are buried deep inside of their subconscious minds.  You see, the parents meant well but what stuck with the child was the constant loses, their opinion of the team not being talented enough to win and their encouragement of you to focus more.  Being armed with this knowledge helps empower us to take our lives to an upgraded level.

Tonya and I have come to understand that a part of our life’s work as the Upgraders is to help people identify limiting beliefs and UPGRADE their mindset. We are Certified SRT Coaches which stands for Subconscious Release Technique.  We have been able to work with numerous clients successfully clearing their subconscious mind of programs that hinder success in life.  Whether it be financial, relational, anxiety, depression or even traumatic experiences, we are committed to helping the entire planet live life on their terms and not negative programs that affect us all.



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