Her Story Magazine volume 16

Welcome to our sixteenth Edition of Her Story Magazine. For this Edition Her Story Matters Collaborated with SHINE founded by Dr. Tonya Joyner-Scott.  SHINE is serving as a lifeline for women across the globe. Knowing that you matter and have value creates a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth, which ultimately helps women to effect change, connect, and empower one another.

Our cover girls are;

Evangelist KaTonya Freeman, Tramaine McNeal Wimbush, a Life Coach. Debbie J Baxter, Minister Carolyn Hunter MSN, BSN, RN,  Renee Summers a Proficiency Coach, Evangelist Nettie Williams Jones, Charniece Martina Harris, Jenelle Flythe Brownlowe, Pastor Christina L. Mial, Kimberly Mills Williams, Minister Beverly Knox (Davis), PMP, CMC, CSM, CLC, Lisa Thomas-Lewis, MBA The Financial Empowerment Motivator and Dr Tonya Joyner-Scott.

All the ladies reside in the United States.

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So far we have shared hundreds of stories through Her Story Magazine and have impacted thousands of women we have reached through this medium and those who have read the magazine.

We are committed to sharing women’s stories to unite, encourage, celebrate and recognise the milestones women have accomplished and to share over 1 Million stories by 2030 and we invite you to support us in this mission.

Therefore, if you would like to be a part of our global agenda to support women’s evolution, empowerment and Success please send us an email to publications@herstorymatters.com

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