Yogita Ridgley’ Story

Yogita Ridgley is a successful Business woman, CEO and Founder of Traveling With Me, Myself and I, which offers Personal and Business development services. Yogita wears different hats, Solo Travel Specialist, Personal development strategist , an award winning International speaker, Author and Blogger, with over a decade of solo traveling experience.

Yogita was featured by one of Australian magazines as a Female change maker, finalist of an Innovative Business Award and leadership award. She is an advocate for Mental Health and Well-being and Dyslexia Awareness.

Yogita’s mission is to get every woman to play the role of “ME” without mask or pretence.

Yogita’s passion is solo travel to Self Discovery. Yogita’s vision is helping women to unleash the power of the authentic self through personal development.

Please tell us about your early childhood.

My childhood was absolutely amazing all the way until school. I was born into a beautiful indian family in Auckland, New Zealand. Hard work and spiritually were values I learnt very early on in life. My parents loved and embraced me exactly the way I was which was a great foundation for me.

How was school life for you?

I started school with so much excitement and anticipation, I loved to learn. Not long after starting school, I started struggling with reading, writing and spelling. As time went, I felt like I was stuck in a bad dream and needed to wake up.

I remember the time my class teacher told me that I am an embarrassment to my family, school and class, she continued to say, “Lucky you are pretty, you can get married and be a good housewife”.

My self esteem started deteriorating as years went by in school. My experience with learning and my teacher caused me to have low self esteem. Overcoming low self esteem was not an easy task, but when I had my two beautiful daughters, it became more important for me to work on my personal development. I wanted my daughters to be proud of me but most importantly wanted them to believe in themselves, be confident and the very best of themselves.


Please tell us two tools that you have been able to use in your self discovery journey.

The key to self discovery is getting out of your comfort zone. You cannot see the complete picture unless you step out of the FRAME.

The tools that I mastered and now teacher with my personal development program is Solo Travel and Mindset Strategies

Who is authentic Yogita?

Authentic Yogita is made by Dyslexia. She is an introvert, she wears her heart on her sleeves, she is creative, innovative and a born leader. To own my strengths after believing for over 30 years that I am an embarrassment to society was a long journey. I am grateful for the likes of Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Steven Spielberg .. yes these are names of famous people with Dyslexia

You started off in corporate tell us a bit about your transition to what you do now.

Like 97% of the human population , I was not different. I was also conditioned that success is when you get rich. It is valued with material things. My corporate life was successful. My life was picture perfect but I was mentally and emotionally dying inside. My first step to personal development was a solo trip to London, during this trip I found my passion and purpose. Helping others with their personal development to achieve good mental health, emotional health and physical health. My success is now measured in how many lives I change for better and how many people I inspire and empower with my voice and my story

Please tell us the correlation between finding myself and I and what it truly means to you.

Finding Me, Myself and I is a story about my journey to loving my Authentic self. My true self without the masks and pretences

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What would Yogita tell that struggling mum who has lost herself in putting family and children first?

As a mother, it is in our nature to do everything for the family and children. From my life experience, I have learnt you can not be a good mother or good wife or good anything unless you are the best version of yourself. This requires self love. But you can’t truly love yourself if you don’t know who your true self is. Your children learn from you. If you teach them self love and self respect… they will thank you for it. My advice is to start your journey of self discovery. I would love to help you on this path, just reach out.

You love travelling, what is the one thing you always take with you?

I love everything about traveling, especially the unknown and less visited places. I do not travel without first aid and travel insurance.

Your favourite destination is?

I have two favorite destinations. I love India and Europe.
Each city I enjoyed for different reasons.

Which city inspires you?

Pairs, France inspires me with creativity and self love.
Rome, Italy for history and innovation.
Agra, India more a town then city for the history.
Jackson Hole , US for the nature and beauty.
Auckland, New Zealand for its warmth and love… it is home for me.
Rishikesh, India for spirituality and healing.

I can go on and on… when you travel with the right mindset, you connect with places and things at a deeper level.