Jessica Verrill: House of Indigo

Jessica Verrill is the founder of House of Indigo, a publishing house focused on the growth of heart-centered and spiritual leaders.

Her skills as an intuitive coach and energetic alchemist supports high levels of growth and alignment, while working directly as a channel to her personal guides. As a life-long learner, she is often immersed in books and classes, including all aspects of herbalism and flower essences, health, wellness and personal development, spirituality, and enhanced psychic development.

Jessica lives in Maine with her husband, daughter, and black lab. She loves gardening, communing with nature spirits, hiking, exploring nature, being around water, and traveling.

Please tell us about your early life experiences and impacted on your lifestyle choices.

The most impactful early life experience was the death of my father at age 8. I adored him and felt like he was the one person in the world who understood me, accepted me and loved me unconditionally. His autoimmune disease transformed him from strong and healthy to weak and frail, leading to dialysis and stays in the hospital. Losing him was an enormous loss that I’m still unwinding the trauma from, as well as from the spiral I eventually projected myself down not knowing how to cope or deal with the intensity of emotions I felt—while simultaneously feeling so numb and hollow. The true experience of heart-break that carried into every major milestone I experienced, ripping the wound open again and again.

The gifts were that I gained a lot of perspective at such a young age including: to appreciate those in your life, living with grace and dignity, kindness even when you’re hurting and it lead to a strong pull in natural health, wellness and eventually spiritual perspectives. This was the most life-altering experience of my life.

As an intuitive leader and coach , what are the top 3 shifts you are seeing in entrepreneurs leaders and generally and how will this shift / change our decision making processes in the near future?

Great question!

I’m seeing a shift that takes coaches and leaders from guru status—providing a strategy for implementation and appearing to be “above” their clients—to one of personal connection within, to each person’s voice and power.

The elevation of a “money mindset” within this realm has shifted significantly also. Gone are the days of the poverty conscious healer struggling to get by, as more heal and release their limiting stories, traumatic experiences and embrace the gifts and influence of financial wealth.


There has also been a deeper desire for community and collaboration than ever before. People from all walks of life are really tuning into the importance of having a community that shares the same values and seeking those out. Instead of thinking of others in the same field or speciality as you, many are beginning to explore areas of collaboration with the perspective that there is more than enough to go around. It’s often laced with a trust of your path and that in following it, you are being guided to who and how you are meant to serve. Just because I may offer the same thing as someone else, doesn’t mean they are my competition, we each have unique strengths and energetic signatures we bring into our work, who is drawn to someone else, may not care for me and vice-versa.

I believe the impact of these shifts on both the individual and collective levels is enormous. As each person tunes into themselves more deeply, our own source of power is excavated and revealed, allowing decisions to come solely based on our highest good and personal blueprint. What works wonderfully for one person, often does not have the same impact on another. I see this in areas including business, health, and wellness.

What has been the messiest experience you had so far and as an alchemist how/ what did you transmute it to?

Personally, I have worked through lifetimes of trauma including sexual abuse, repression, persecution, as dare I say—all of us have—at varying levels. It is incredibly messy when you’re in the eye of it, but as you begin to shift your experiences, you begin to access deeper levels and aspects of power within you that were once bogged down with pain, fear, shame and grief.

Professionally, I work with many of the same focuses and work with my intuition, channeling abilities and other guidance to access words, vibration and sound to help my clients release what is no longer serving them while guiding them back into themselves. What do they want? What is true for them? What are they being called with every cell of their being to do? Those are gold.

As an author what has been the most profound moment in your writing process?

Writing has been an incredibly transformative process for myself and others that I’ve guided through sharing their stories. There are deeper layers to be alchemized once we begin to put our stories onto paper, greater clarity in our purpose and vision for our business endeavors and lots of beautiful nuggets of wisdom to gather.

The process of writing is an entire healing journey in and of itself, and then when it gets closer to being brought to life within a book or other medium, an entirely new set of challenges, mental and energetic blocks come to life. For myself and most that I work with, having this new level of visibility can bring up a lot of wounding from previous experiences that have taught us it is easier and safer to play small. I have learned that speaking your truth and sharing your voice requires a certain level of releasing old programs, traumas and beliefs which can temporarily feel incredibly difficult, but ultimately is one of the most liberating things you can do to claim your life and create it in the way that makes your heart sing.

What is spirituality to you?

Spirituality, to me, is a connection and interaction to the consciousness of the universe and the knowing that there is a rhythm and vastness to it. It’s a belief in both the individual and the power of such, while also acknowledging and honoring the interconnectedness of all beings, the wisdom of all beings. That may be within the frequencies of stones, plants, the spirits of weather, your neighbor or the person with opposing viewpoints as yours. It’s respecting and maintaining your energetic hygiene, taking personal responsibility for your impact on the whole and living with such consciousness. It’s not about meditating all day or needing to live in an ashram (although great if you’re called to that), but about bringing this level of consciousness and integrity into your daily life.

It is also not about not having feelings such as anger, jealousy or fear, it’s about allowing those emotions to move through us, finding the message behind them and to implement the changes needed and brought into focus through these reactions.

It is understanding the universe is a vast and mysterious place that has a depth of knowledge and magic that one can begin to explore within themselves and their place within said universe.

It is more a way of life, than a set of beliefs, as when you feel something to the core of your being, it influences every interaction and experience.

Please share with us the process of your latest book and your highlight moments. How did the process transform you?

This was amazing!! I am so honored and in awe of all of the incredible contributors (all 21 of them!) who stepped forth placed their trust in me and this process and showed up vulnerable, powerful and inspirational. Through guiding them all through this process, I laughed, cried, connected with them, celebrated with them and felt I received an invitation to glimpse into their souls. It was beautiful.

Many of them I had just met for the first time and it was extremely important for me to make them feel safe and cared for within my container. Some had heard of a book collaboration, but many had not, so the process was foreign to them. Issues came up, mindset wobbles rose to the surface, deadlines were pushed and pushed, and doubt settled in for some. Being intuitive with a great ability of reading others, helped. It also highlighted for me what my current strengths were and how I could learn and grow in other areas. The growth I experienced—on all levels—in the past 4 months is astronomical! I’m extremely grateful for all of it.

How does the new Earth look or feel to you?

When I envision the new Earth, it is a consciousness shift. Collectively. It is free from systems of indoctrination that binds our personal navigational systems, shocks us and leaves us often unhappy and following the status quo. It is a feeling of community, collaboration, personal freedoms and respect. It’s the knowing that the actions that one person has, impacts all and the alignment to this in lifestyle choices. It feels like a liberation of some of our human traits that limit us, and a deeper connection to aspects and dimensions of reality that are not always readily available to all of us. An increase in supernatural abilities and connection to spirituality. Not in a spiritual bypassing sort of way, but in truth, we have ascended beyond those lower frequencies into higher base levels and anything that isn’t within that, will be beyond our perception.

In your opinion how do you think the pandemic affected the collective spiritually?

I’ve seen two distinct paths in regards to this: some connected more intensely, went within and accessed themselves in ways they did not have the space to before. Others, were triggered by the fear and allowed it to control their decisions, relationships and shut down or off their relationship with universal wisdom. I saw many people go against their personal beliefs and knowing in an almost hypnotic way—and that is their journey. I’m curious to see how things continue to shift. For all of us, it tested, probed, prodded and triggered us in ways that we didn’t expect.

It is like any challenge in life, you can have the perspective of looking at the reactions you have and peering underneath them, following the roots down and through to find out where the wound really comes from and how to unearth it for healing. What greater a test to us all about our resiliency and personal strength than this. The ones who took this opportunity as a way to see where they still had work to do, have undoubtedly strengthened that spiritual connection.

How can anyone reading this and interested in being more in touch with their intuition do so?

Absolutely! There are a few different aspects of it, but a misconception is that all of a sudden the skies are going to part, an angel will float down and yell a message to you with a great strike of lightning. It rarely looks like that. It’s often the quiet thoughts or voice you thought you heard that are easily dismissed. Tuning in and allowing them to be heard and acknowledged is an important first step.

Also, I’ve found for myself and many others you have abilities that are innate to you, so much so that you don’t realize they aren’t “normal”. I used to wish I was clairvoyant, thinking that I could see things as visible as the laptop I’m writing on, but when I began to study and practice being clairvoyant, I learned this is not how most people experience these things, and the visual cues I would have around something, actual was what I had been wishing for and working on—clairvoyance. That’s an important aspect of me sharing the stories of others who work within these realms also, for most of us, it’s not something we talked about at the dinner table and we don’t have the context or experience to understand things that may already be occurring and could easily be honed and accentuated within our perception. The more we normalize this and share about it, the quicker our collective consciousness expands and we bring forth more positive realities and experiences for us.

What does peace look like to you?

There is inner peace, which really must be present for what so many seek in world peace. It’s deeply connected to spirituality for me and the knowing that I have a support system that is working with and through me—always. It’s the feeling of seeing my daughter happy and flourishing, the knowing that through anything I can always come back to center, to have the choice on how I feel, react or what I create. It’s a deep love with all that is and trust infused with far greater wisdom than I can remember or possess in this physical body.

What’s Next for Jessica?

I’m glad you asked!

I’m currently writing my first solo-authored book that will be available soon and I’m incredibly excited. I’ve been a best-selling author multiple times, including a Wall Street Journal best-seller and this is a project I’ve been wanting to create for a while now.

I hope to take my publishing business, House of Indigo, to a level where we are offering virtual and in person courses, retreats, and more, as well as continuing the production of multi-authored and solo-authored books. My visions for this company are big and I am constantly receiving inspiration and guidance about the next steps and areas to expand into. The more I am able to amplify the voices, stories and skills of spiritual and wellness practitioners, the greater the impact we have as a whole. It is what drives me, pulls, pushes and deeply inspires me.

I’m also looking forward to doing more traveling and experiencing all of the plentiful gifts this earth has to offer!

Thank you!!

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