when you wake up each day, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  do you hope for things to turn out to well, are you excited about the day? what do you anticipate for each day or even every moment?

When we were younger, parents/ teachers  always asked us what we want to be when we grew up.

Some said doctors, some mechanics, some mothers, others dancers or artists just to name a few.

As children there was soo much hope and belief that this would happen, we never questioned how and never had the road maps or strategy we just knew that was what we wanted to do.

As we grew up the world taught us that it was impossible to become those things, some of us defied it and pushed on just to be met with more resistance and the reality that, it will take us to fight hard for what we wanted and as we fight to get there, we will be met with insecurities and doubts that will constantly bombard us

Some gave up the fight and some stayed the course and chose to  fight.

What i have observed in all those still fighting is hope they have hope that things will change and they will achieve what they have set out to do no matter how incredibly bizarre it might look.

Those that gave up and chose the easier way or stopped altogether lost hope, they lost hope in what they saw in themselves and their future and settled.


Its very easy to settle or chose an easier way, it starts by giving excuses not to fight  or address the obstacles. one of them being fear that one is not good enough to become what they aspire to be.

There are 2 camps, those with hope and are fighting for what they believe in and the other camp which has lost hope and settled for something less
Question is , what camp are you in? If it’s the first keep pushing and inspiring those around you if you are in the second camp i want to encourage you to look within the reasons you lost hope and the real reason behind it , take steps to change it no matter how small the changes seem, they will add up and surprise you! Think about how great it feels to accomplish things no matter how small and above all remember what that particular ambition or vision meant to you and find your why, why you wanted to achieve that dream, why you wanted to be a doctor or whatever you visualised yourself doing….your why will be the key and driving force to accomplish it even when days get dark and challenges seem to overwhelm you, your why will keep you on track!



Power of Thoughts

  “I am the world’s greatest” I have always pondered on the mindset Muhammad Ali had to boldly state this to the

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