Dr. Kamakshi Jindal’s Story

“I have built my own road. My road is not very smooth but I know one day I will complete my journey to empower all womenkind”

– Dr. Kamakshi

Dr. Kamakshi Jindal is a very well-known fashion stylist, trend identifier and event curator. She is the co-founder of Aesthetics International, a 17 year old organisation.

She is the founder of Aesthetics International Council for progressive women (AICPW) which is currently working in 25 countries and 90 districts of India. She is also the vice chairman of Asian Chamber of Commerce and industries. She is the Global Goodwill Ambassador of ladies of all Nations International (LOANI). She is also a founder of Aesthetics World of Talent (WOT) – A national competition for kids comprising dance ,singing ,fashion, junior chef ,instrumental-music ,poetry ,theatre etc. She is the co-founder of Aesthetics University and an online channel- Aesthetics prime.

She gives to the society by devoting time to empower women. She is actively working on women empowerment, cancer survivors and youth leadership. Her International project “THE PINK RIBBON – A breast cancer awareness initiative is currently running in more than 15 countries.

Dr. Kamakshi was born into one of the most renowned families of Meerut, India. She had a great relationship with her father who was very supportive and wanted the very best for her. Early life was great until her father died when she was only 11 years old, leaving behind three siblings.

After her father’s death, her mother not only struggled financially but also experienced many social issues which made her life challenging. Back then women were not allowed to live happily without a husband and if she was a widow then it was considered the biggest curse. Watching the struggles her mother and other women in the society went through as a young girl only made her very determined with a strong desire to serve the world and the underprivileged. She was determined to reduce inequality.

Dr. Kamakshi started earning at the age of 17 but earning was not only her dream. She wanted to dedicate herself in eradicating social problems. She kept doing little work to provide social service other than her fashion design, she wanted to help in areas of jobs, tutions and college. “People who see womanhood as a disability should look at us and realise that everybody in this world is equally abled.” Dr. Kamakshi pursued Fashion Design and awarded best designer award by the Bollywood actress Chitrangda Singh as a result of her work and contributions. She got married in a renowned family and she completed her doctorate in economics and proved that every woman can achieve and do many things. She received many job offers from colleges and organisations after completing her PHD but she turned them down as her target was quite different.


By now she was a hardworking housewife and a responsible mother, she always felt the need to find her own voice and to understand the underlying problems in the world. She always wanted to be independent.

In 2016 she started her small boutique at home with the name “SAMYUKTA”, this was was questioned by her family because she had previously turned down great job opportunities only to run a small business, what they didn’t understand about her is the great fulfilment she had when helping others, if she took on a professor job she wouldn’t have enough time to do what she loved which was helping others economically and socially. So instead she opted to start her own business of garments with her savings which was not a huge amount. Over time she transformed her boutique into a big International brand and got recognition as an International designer. This was not enough for her, she then collaborated with her brother who organised lifestyle exhibitions on a big scale. As someone who is fond of children and trained in Kathak dance she included it as part of the exhibitions and performances, she also launched “kids fashion runway “ which involved cultural exchange from Nepal. She held auditions for more than 5,000 children in the first season of the show. This event gave her recognition across India and she started getting calls from school principals across the country which led to collaborations with many schools for the participation of kids.

This show opened greater opportunities, one being collaborating with her brother to organise International summits for Educationists where they did culture exchange with many countries. This summit was a new ray of hope for both of them and led to International growth.

They branched out to media, advertisements, University, film festival International fashion week, Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, International Awards , online channel ,coffee table book etc.

The growth only fueled her to do more, she then started her talk show with Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities called “ Success Stories with Dr Kamakshi”, which has now completed 3 successful seasons.

What started as a strong desire to serve the underprivileged and create a platform for women didn’t take shape until many years later when she founded the organisation Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women (AICPW) in 2017, with a vision to help women who are facing problems? She was never against men but always wanted the equality factor for both genders, this was also due to how society treated boys more favourably than girls which she was totally against.

It was her dream to create a better society where a girl or woman could live happily without any issues. Her family was evidently worried and circumspect initially when she confessed her intentions to get into this line of work. They didn’t initially believe in her capabilities to achieve what she sought, but as she progressed and started getting results they trusted more in what she could achieve.

Recently she has launched “GRAHNI” whose aim is to generate employment for all women’s households in India. Her current projects include project “AASRA” which will provide shelter to all women who have been kicked out by their husband, brother or any other family member, “GURUKUL DHAM” which will provide free education to children and impart knowledge to not only build their brains but also their souls.

Dr. Kamakshi has received awards from many organisations for her work. She was awarded by the prestigious Alta springs fashion award, Brazil and was counted the 51 most influential women of India.

She has also been chosen among 112 most influential people worldwide by LOANI London, been the National Director of India for Ms/Mrs Singapolitan worldwide 2019, founder partner in Aesthetics International Fashion Week , Aesthetics International Music and Dance Festival and Aesthetics international film festival.

She has also recently launched her show “kids fashion week”, which is to be conducted in 5 states of India.

Her future plans include a short movie on Women Empowerment for international film festivals. When asked what women’s voices mean to her, Dr. Kamakshi said “Women are the soul of a family. Women can create life and if her voice is heard, this world would have been a better place because only she can handle multiple tasks altogether”.

“I have built my own road. My road is not very smooth but I know one day I will complete my journey to empower all womenkind”