Her Story Matters is pleased to collaborate with SHINE on this edition of Her Story Magazine to bring you a collection of women’s stories of love, resilience, forgiveness, hope and freedom.

We celebrate these women’s strength and Journey of overcoming challenges and having the grace to stand strong and in the process liberating others.

When we stand together as #ONEVOICE great impact is made. Through this collaboration we hope that many more will find hope to keep going. 

About Shine

No matter what your facts of life are. No matter what you have experienced or what you have gone through. They have absolutely no bearing on your Beauty, your Value, or your Significance. These stories will show you that. As you turn the pages, you may find things you can relate to that helps you do as they have done… Forgive, Heal and Release.

~Dr. Tonya Joyner-Scott, Visionary

“Exposure brings closure.” This is Dr. Tonya’s famous tagline that says so much, using just 3 words. As life is lived, things happen and if the pain of those experiences remain hidden, it can cause your well-being, relationships and overall quality of life to suffer.

Dr. Tonya has given woman a voice. She’s given them a platform to share with others and expose the pains, pitfalls, and pressures that they had experienced and had overcome.  For some, the process of overcoming truly started as they sat down and began to share what they had gone through. 

Throughout the pages of her book project SHINE – An Anthology of Healing, women share things they have lived through, are living through, and how they have overcome hurts, pains and disappointments in their lives. 

Forgiveness has been a major commonality they all share. It’s one thing to go through something, but another to realize that you’re not alone, and that being healed also belongs to you.

SHINE is serving as a lifeline for women across the globe. When you know that you matter and have value, it creates a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth, which ultimately helps women to effect change, connect with one another, and empower one another. 

Empowerment: Women are sharing their experiences, giving them the opportunity to inspire and empower other sisters. Through SHINE, women are able to demonstrate that they are not alone in their hardships and that they have the courage to overcome obstacles by sharing their experiences and exposing how it made them feel. 

Breaking the silence: Many women have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, or assault but are too afraid, hesitant, and for some, embarrassed to speak about it. By sharing our stories, we can break the silence and raise awareness regarding many issues. This results in increased comprehension, support, and transformation.

Representation: Women are often underrepresented in the media and other public venues. SHINE is breaking through that to give all women, who desire, a place to speak and share who they are with the world. By sharing their stories, SHINE sisters are helping to increase the visibility of women and the representation of a woman’s experiences and perspectives.

Building Community:  Sharing stories that are helping others do as you have done fosters a sense of community and connection among women, and this too fuels empowerment and resilience. Women are discovering common ground and support by hearing about the experiences of others.  SHINE is helping sisters know they are not alone.

Do you have a story to share? Join the movement. We ALL have the power to forgive, heal and be restored. 

“No one is you, and that’s your power.” – Dr. Tonya Joyner-Scott

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