Women in Leadership

Our aim is to help women confidently embrace their dynamic leadership qualities, forge their own paths to leadership that are holistic incorporating varying aspects from their personality to their talent, skill set and passions showing that there doesn’t have to be a glass ceiling nor do we have to go down a set path in order to be seen as a leader. 

Join our year long ‘ Women in leadership’ Virtual Feature Tributes.

Wellness and leadership with Audrey Tang

Founder of Her Story Matters Harriet Khataba with Audrey Tang a Chartered Psychologist,  qualified teacher (QTS), CPD accredited trainer, Leadership Development coach (ICF), FIRO-B profiler,award-winning author, podcast host and resident psychologist on Channel 4’s “Don’t Diet Lose Weight. We discuss
burnout, shameculture and how it affects how we show up in business and work and the future of leadership – what changes we see on the horizon.

Sponsorship, Mentorship and Diversity in leadership with Beverly Knox Davis

Founder of Her Story Matters Harriet Khataba with Beverly Knox Davis, Vice President & Senior IT Project Manager at Wells Fargo. We discuss the Queen Bee syndrome corporate leadership culture, Mentorship, sponsorship and  Diversity in relation to women and  leadership opportunities and what’s on the horizon for women leadership.

Personal Branding and Leadership with Ruqayya Daville

Founder of Her Story Matters Harriet Khataba with Ruqayya Daville A brand strategist and Client attraction coach. We discuss Identity, congruence in curating your personal brand and building a legacy business. 

Self leadership with Kimberly Mills Williams 

Founder of Her Story Matters Harriet Khataba with Kimberly Mills Williams a transformation Coach. We discuss the leadership Mindset , developing resilience and maintaining momentum in life and business. 

Dr. Bindu Babu Integrative Physician & Quantum Based Transformational Coach

Social entrepreneurship with Ruby Raut

Lead your Organization or Business to Adapt and thrive in times of uncertainty with Juliet Rogan

Founder of Her Story Matters Harriet Khataba with National Head of High Growth & Entrepreneurs at Barclays, Juliet Rogan shares about the current pandemic and how businesses can navigate these uncertain times and thrive. 

Assertive Communication with Jenny Garrett

Her Story Matters founder speaks with award winning Career Coach and Leadership trainer Jenny Garrett about developing Assertive Communication styles to have better success in business and the corporate world. 

The Impact of AI on Leadership Simplified with Jen Stirrup

Founder of Her Story Matters Harriet Khataba speaks with Data Strategist & Technologist Jen Stirrup about how AI will impact businesses in the future.


Religion and women in leadership Panel Discussion

Discussion around Religion and it’s role in women in leadership as a diversity factor and how this supports women leaders or hinders women advancement into leadership.  

Future leadership panel discussion 

Future leadership panel discussion

Future Leadership panel discussion