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Harriet Rhoda Khataba, CEO & FOUNDER

Harriet is an executive director, Mentor, Leadership Coach, keynote speaker, author, editor, producer, philanthropist, and influencer. Ms. Khataba is the founder of the Her Story Matters organization, in London, U K, where she has dedicated more than ten years to the advocacy of social psychology. She is devoting her life to mentorship and female leadership to help bring women’s equality throughout the world.

Harriet was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya with her mother, father, and siblings, where she experienced life through the eyes of her mother, a leader, and influencer in her own right. Harriet moved to London to continue her education and career. With degrees in Business Management, Hospitality, and Tourism, Ms. Khataba found her future in London, where she gained experience in business and finance, international relations, project management, retail, and entertainment. She then continued her education with training certifications in creativity, management, and social psychology.

Fresh from college Harriet focused her career on corporate business influences, working in banking and retail, but soon realized that her creativity and influence were underdeveloped. She began chasing her passions in fashion design, professional dancing, and writing. It was a career path that became a springboard into the beginning of her devotion to women’s equality. Harriet’s pursuits landed her a job in television where she blossomed into a public figure as a personality, show host, writer, and producer.

Working at BEN-TV, Ms. Khataba quickly found her voice while reporting on women’s equality and the subject of racism, a cause that was dear to her heart. By promoting women’s rights and the need for social injustice, she soon realized that her stories of women deserved a platform. It was here that Ms. Rhoda Harriet Khataba understood that the voices of women in Africa, Great Britain, and from around the world could all benefit from a foundation with the purpose of telling their stories to find purpose, unity, and fellowship. Harriet established the Her Story Matters organization in 2011.

In the decade to follow Ms. Khataba and her passion has been embraced internationally through accolades to her dedication. She has been awarded the Transformation Award by Wisdom for Women International. Harriet is celebrated for her work as a mentor by the Wise Woman Award for her commitments to women and children. The ERPA Leadership and Entrepreneurial Foundation awarded Ms. Khataba with the Emerging Leader Award for her steadfast goal to unite all women in the world through social mediums, technology advancement, and praise.

Today, Ms. Khataba maintains her position as  Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Her Story Matters, Harriet continues to grow the organization into an international home and media refuge for women around the world. She is currently based in London, where she can be found spending her pastime having coffee with friends in Soho, or expressing her creativity through reading, sketching, and designing fashion.  Click to LEARN MORE about our founder and her story


Salome Asabre, Director of Operations 

Salome currently works as the Director of Operations for Her Story Matters focused on developing processes and practices that build the organisations internal structure in order to meet the goals and objectives of the organisation as it continues to grow.

Salome Joined Her Story Matters in 2017 initially as the company secretary helping to efficiently manage the organisational needs. Not long after she progressed into the role of Project Manager working with partners and sponsors to organise events as well as helping to deliver campaigns before assuming the role of Director of Operations.

Over the last 5 years, Salome has been working in marketing & advertising with B2B financial services clients delivering customer success by helping them build brand awareness through multi-layered marketing campaigns and creating engaging content that helps them reach their desired audience. Through the skills developed in the industry, Salome has been using them to support Her Story Matters in running campaigns, projects, and events.

Her work in marketing & advertising has also provided Salome with opportunities to be involved in departmental projects to adopt and streamline processes with success in gaining stakeholder approval and implementing new initiatives. By working with Her Story Matters it has helped Salome develop her natural interest in understanding how businesses can be well organised and processes they can put in place to help them work at their optimal level for where they currently are in their business journey which makes the progression to the role Director of Operations the perfect fit.

That aside working with Her Story Matters for the last 3 years Salome has seen her passion in helping women have a voice and freedom develop as she has seen how it has helped her grow as a person in discovering her own natural abilities and voice. Salome wants to give back by helping Her Story Matters meet its goals in supporting women worldwide.

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