When Women come together in solidarity sharing their stories, hope is realized. Suddenly lost dreams and possibilities awaken and the flame that once was, is ignited bringing with it a deep remembrance of the great power that resides within them.

The missing piece to a better world is encoded within the coming together and collaboration of all genders, for we all hold the keys to the world we want to see.

As more women join us by sharing their stories the impact is felt in communities rippling to the whole world,  bringing to light the stories of the unseen, the courage of the silenced and the power that women hold.

We are calling you forth to share your story, Empower a woman today and help one to remember who she is. 

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Here are some of the stories shared on our platform! 
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Embracing My Authentic Self with Yogita Ridley

Shares her story of finding and embracing herself through solo travel.

Overcoming rape and shame – why her story matters with Harriet Khataba

The founder Of Her Story Matters shares her story on experiencing rape, suicide Ideation and the inception of the organisation.

How I overcame adversity, Teenage Pregnancy with Eva Arissani

Eva shares Her Story of teenage pregnancy, experiencing Stigma , Healing and marrying the love of her life, showing that you can experience healing and a life of beauty after hardship.

From Darkness to Lightworker with Samantha Houghton

Samantha talks about growing up with mental health challenges and her journey to health.

Dispelling the Refugee narrative| Live with Laura Robertson

Laura  talks about her homeland Laos and the dangerous journey her family had to take to save their lives.

Womb Awakening with Hazel Llewellin

Hazel shares Her Story on womb healing , awakening  and how her life changed.

Gaslighting and how Sam Overcame it. with Sam Tank

Sam shares the subtleties of gaslighting and how to identify when someone is gaslighting you through her lived experience.

Overcoming Abuse| Why I loved my Abuser with Rezna Khatun

Rezna was married and loved her abuser , this is one of the reasons why it was challenging for her to leave. Rezna shares her life story and how she left her abuser.

Turning my Trauma Into a Global Success Story with Emma Jane Taylor.

You Have A Voice. Help us To Share Our Stories. Support Her Story Matters!

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We are not victims of circumstances, we are powerful beings that experience challenges and societal injustices. We heal, we rise up and decide how we want to live our life , our experiences don’t get to choose it for us, society does not decide this for us.
We , women choose what defines us.